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Evolution of Vibrators for women

Vibrators for women have evolved far past the traditional smooth shaft style so many of us are familiar with. New innovations take into account the unique curves and shapes of a woman’s intimate anatomy, moulding themselves in pleasing ways both internally and externally. With new sex toys being produced every day, some of the best vibrators for women are just beginning to hit the market. No longer are women stuck with the same boring sex toy; new frontiers of pleasure are emerging in the form of vibrators for women that can be controlled remotely, waterproof vibrators, nipple vibrators, and even tongue-mounted toys for fun during oral sex!


Some best types of vibrators for women available on our store

Vibrators for women are a highly personal shopping choice, and the hot new trends are reflecting that. Bendable “spines” are not uncommon; these flexible cores allow some of the best vibrators for women to be even more customized by finding just the right position for the user. Where once waterproof vibrators were a category all their own, popularity has compelled adult novelty companies to introduce new designs that take familiar favourites, like rabbit vibrators, and make them safely waterproof for a variety of bath time fun. These special aquatic toys are fitted with secure O ring seals that keep water out of the battery compartment and assure the toy works just as well ‘at sea’ as it does on land.


Which vibrator for women to choose? 

Prefer a toy that can seamlessly go from foreplay to lovemaking with a partner? Today’s innovative new sex toys have you covered there, too! Some of the best vibrators for women who enjoy external delights in tandem with penetration are vibrating rings. These rings slide over the male partner’s penis, offering sensation to her most erogenous zone with every thrust. best of all, if her partner isn’t around, they work equally well on a dildo or any of the popular vibrators for women – the ring itself is stretchy. If you want to get hot and heavy in the shower, you’ll be happy to know there are waterproof vibrator versions of the ring as well – just make sure you don’t slip!


What about its technology?

With technology advancing every day, new vibrators will incorporate features we can only dream of today. With vibrators for women that can already be controlled over the internet, by cell phone, remote, or even body movement, one can only marvel and wonder the classic question: “What will they think of next?”


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